Are you curious about who you really are?  What are your own divine gifts, talents and strengths? Do you want to discover how you can change your life now, to create more abundance, happiness, fulfilment and joy? Are you interested in how your past lives are influencing your current life? 
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Soul Realignment work helps you discover all of this and much more.  Linda works in the Akashic Records to discover who you are at soul level and what choices made throughout many lives have brought you to this point in your life.  We uncover how these choices are affecting you now and best of all, how to bring yourself back into alignment with your true self to create the rich life you were designed to experience. 
There are a number of different areas Linda can help you with to  bring more peace and fulfilment into your life. These include:

Discover the magic of being your true self and living your Divinity everyday.

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Some reviews

“Thank you Linda. The Soul Realignment reading was excellent. The information you’ve given makes so much sense and has given me insight and clarity into so many different areas of my life. You made it incredibly easy to understand and I loved your warmth and depth of explanation. I’m really looking forward to the homework and with the new awarenesses and understandings, making further positive changes and enjoying life so much more. Thoroughly recommend your incredible service.”

“I found my Soul Reason with Linda was very helpful for me. It was very interesting what Linda is able to confirm about my past,  this helped me better understand my Lites Journey to date. This has allowed me to make changes in my life to move forward. Many thanks, Linda”